710 – The Truth About Manifesting (feat. Daniel Mangena)

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The Truth About Manifesting (feat. Daniel Mangena)

Manifestation isn’t a new concept, but the idea has become much more mainstream thanks to books and movies. Based on what is currently being taught, anyone can achieve anything they want if they manifest that thought hard enough. Sounds easy right? But, what if this way of thinking is flawed? How can this practice actually help us achieve what we want in life? 

In this episode we discuss, with special guest Daniel Mangena,  the flaws in society’s current understanding of what manifestation is. Then, Daniel Mangena discusses how he believes manifestation works and why it is a successful practice. 

If you want to learn more about the power of manifesting, then this episode is for you!

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Understand the ways manifestation is being taught in society.
  2. Discover the current views of manifesting. 
  3. Learn about what Daniel Mangena believes the truth behind manifesting is and why it works. 


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Episode Highlights

How is Manifestation Currently Being Taught in Society?

  • The book and movie, “The Secret”, opened people’s eyes about what manifesting is.
  • The ideas presented in this book and movie are focused on guiding our thoughts, not guiding our actions.
  • This is a flawed way of thinking because individuals need to be more intentional and deliberate with creating the reality that they actually want. 

What are the Current Views of Manifesting?

  • It is more marketed and glamorized and not focused on how it actually works.
  • Daniel uses Jim Carrey as an example to describe this way of thinking.
    • Jim Carrey wrote a check before actually having the money for it, and the claim is that he manifested that money.
    • The truth is that he put in the work and believed in himself to earn that money. It wasn’t just given to him. 

What does Daniel Mangena Believe the Truth Behind Manifesting is? 

  • Daniel focuses on how spirituality affects a person’s day to day behavior. 
  • There is something to the act of manifesting, but the way it is being present doesn’t sit right with Daniel. 
  • Daniel discusses thought forms. 
    • Thought forms show the misinterpretation with the allegories of things. The biggest example he uses is the word God. 
  • Daniel’s journey started when he didn’t get the answers to his questions while attending church. 
  • Daniel urges us to look at all the characteristics that different religions have given about their God. Different names have been given but when it comes down to it they are all the same characters. 
  • He believes it’s how we use and experience energy that determines how and what we manifest. 
  • Manifestation is an individual process, but there are key things needed to reach that energy threshold. 

5 Powerful Quotes from This Episode

“He embodied that person and that’s how he created his reality. He commanded reality to respond to his choice to completely embody what he desired”.

“I believe that the limited human mind is seeking to conceive and understand something way beyond the maximum 10% brain capacity that we’ve got. And ultimately when we look at these things dispassionately of our societal differences, our traditional differences, our language differences, the blatant manipulation of man we are all looking at the same purple brick”.

“Manifestation is the process of us having a human experience but being conscious in the choice of what we want to have in that experience”.

“It doesn’t demand the use of some secret code, it’s just a matter of understanding how the universe works and applying that understanding to our experience of the universe”.

“By bringing all these experiences together and dancing with God, in the way that we dance because not everyone does the tango. Some people do a two-step. But it’s by bringing that together and having a personal experience with that, with our unique way that we can manifest”. 

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