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20 Reasons Why Goal Setting Doesn’t Work For You

For many of us on our self-help journey, goal-setting is an important part of our personal development plan.

It's often the first step we take and the first piece of advice that we're given. A goal will act as a road sign that can be looked back on, guiding you along your path and showing you the direction in which to go.

How People Change: Classical Conditioning Vs Operant Conditioning

Have you ever stopped and wondered what it would take to successfully change those negative habits you’ve always held on to? It might seem like it’s impossible, and that you’re doomed to the same old story for your whole life. But you don’t have to be! People do this kind of thing all the time and the truth is that creating change in your life is fairly straightforward...

Stop Trying to Be Extraordinary

Sponsored By: Green Chef | Use code tinyleaps90 to get $90 off including free shipping! In episode 650 of the Tiny Leaps podcast, we focused on confronting perfectionism and concluded that the simple solution was to recognize that we are enough. Our version of “perfect” is enough. We need to be compassionate with what we see in the mirror and the image that looks back at us. This is practiced...