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Can someone REALLY change? Here are a few things to consider and a few mindset shifts for a Happier Brain.

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Episode Highlights

What Are The Two Things You Need To See Real Change In Your Behavior?

  • The first thing you need to see change  is to become aware of your behavior. 
    • If you are aware of what you are doing, you can shift your behavior to reach your goals.
  • The next thing you need is action.
    • What you do on a daily basis influences the person you become.

Does Heather Believe People Can Actually Change?

  • Heather absolutely believes that people can change.
  • The question she asked is will people take the actions needed to change?
  • It’s important to think about change on an individual level because it is something you have the control over.

5 Powerful Quotes From This Episode

“Is change actually possible?”

“Of course we can change, but I hesitate even saying that”.

“What people need from you is hope. Give them something to hold on too”.

“Your daily actions cast a vote on the type of person you want to become”.

“That’s where our power lies, that’s where our change lies, and that’s where our hope lies”.

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