How Tiffany Haddish Found Her Superpower (A Slight Change of Plans)

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Dr. Maya Shankar completed a post-doctoral fellowship in cognitive neuroscience at Stanford, after receiving a Ph.D. from Oxford on a Rhodes Scholarship and a B.A. from Yale in cognitive science. She is currently the Senior Director of Behavioral Economics at Google. Previously she served as a Senior Advisor in the Obama White House, where she founded and served as Chair of the White House’s Behavioral Science Team and as the first Behavioral Science Advisor to the United Nations under Ban Ki-moon.

On her podcast A Slight Change of Plans, a production of Pushkin Industries, she aims to hold intimate conversations that give an unvarnished look into how people navigate changes of all kinds and use that change to ultimately grow. Maya uncovers little-known personal stories and reflections from familiar names, like Hillary Clinton, Tiffany Haddish and Kacey Musgraves, and extraordinary stories from real-life inspirations, like a young cancer researcher in the throes of a stage 4 diagnosis and a Black jazz musician who convinced hundreds of KKK members to leave the Klan.


Guest: Maya Shankar |

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Gregg Clunis
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