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Are you searching for answers to a complex problem, then we have a tip for you, but bear with us because it is an interesting one. Join us in a discussion with Gregg Clunis about how this tip may or may not benefit your mental health.

If you want to learn more about how you can find answers, then this episode is for you!

Here are two reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Learn about the exercise author Napoleon Hill engaged in to help him find answers.
  2. Discover what Gregg thinks about this mental health exercise.


Episode Highlights

What Exercise Did Napoleon Hill Engage In To Find Answers?

  • Napoleon Hill engaged in imaginary council meetings with dead people he looked up too.
  • These individuals were impressive to him.
  • The purpose of this exercise was to help him rebuild his own character to represent a composite of the men he looked up too. 
  • Before going to sleep, Napoleon would imagine this group of men sitting around him, and he would consult them to help him find answers.

What Does Gregg Think About This Exercise?

  • For starters, Gregg is not a fan of Napoleon Hill.
  • Does not like the framing of this particular exercise.
  • It’s another place that removes you from the critique and judgement.
  • He thinks it’s more about trusting your subconscious.
    • Gregg trust his subconscious, and without fail will find answers within 3-4 days if he stops thinking about the topic.
  • Your subconscious helps you process all the stuff you are constantly taking in, and helps you filter out the important pieces. 
    • This allows you to eventually find answers. 

5 Powerful Quotes From This Episode

“I followed the habit of reshaping my own character by trying to imitate the nine men whose lives and lives have been impressive to me”.

“I had a very definite purpose in indulging my imagination through these nightly meetings”.

“It’s a place to put that side of your personality in to have a conversation with it”.

“It’s not really like a knowing thing, its this like trust in the process”.

“The part of your brain that is functioning to keep you alive and make things work”.

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