754 – The Need to Connect

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There is a fundamental need for human connection, but with technology and a global pandemic forming connections have never been harder. How can we connect with people?

In this episode we have a raw and vulnerable conversation with Gregg about his personal experience with connections along with helpful tips you can use to form new connections. 

If you want to learn more about the need to connect, then this episode is for you!

Here are two reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Discover Gregg’s recent experience with forming connections
  2. Learn about three helpful tips you can use to make new connections.


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Episode Highlights

What Is Gregg’s Recent Experience With Creating New Connections?

  • Recently, Gregg moved to a completely new area. He didn’t have any close friends nor did his family live super close by. 
  • Noticed how hard it was to make new connections.
  • Gregg realized that even though he was staying close with friends and colleagues online, he was becoming the odd one out. He was no longer a part of the day to day.
  • Gregg also realized there is some mutual context with the connections you form.
    • This can be school, work, or a weekly activity.
    • Having a reason to meet is critical for connections because you each have at least one thing in common.
  • Gregg has also struggled with making connections due to the global pandemic.
    • For safety reasons, you don’t want to put yourself at risk. 

What Are Three Helpful Tips You Can Use To Form New Connections?

  • Be brave.
    • It’s painful to be rejected by somebody you want to be your friend.
    • Put yourself out there, it won’t be comfortable.
  • Push To make something more stable.
    • Make the effort to find your people.
  • Stay as close and connected as you can with your family and old friend group.
    • Your current connections will keep you sane long enough to make new connections. 

5 Powerful Quotes from This Episode

“There is a fundamental need for human connection”.

“Our brain’s lifelong passion”.

“You very quickly become the odd one out”.

“There are different types of mutual contexts”.

“We aren’t used to getting rejected by friendships, and it hurts”.

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