746 – Do Push Notifications Work?

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Do push notifications work? Can having these reminders on your phone help your overall health? 

In this episode we discuss why push notifications do work along with the research that proves this idea to be true. We also describe ways in which you can use push notifications to positively impact your life.

If you want to learn the value in using push notifications, then this episode is for you!

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Understand how and why push notifications work. 
  2. Learn the research behind why push notifications can be valuable.
  3. Discover how you can use push notifications to better your life.


Episode Highlights

How Do Push Notifications Work?

  • Almost all personal development apps use push notifications to remind you to complete whatever goal you are working on.
  • Great for using as day to day reminders, but not so good for long term goals.
  • It was found that push notifications are extremely valuable when the content is focused on attitude change.

What Research Shows That Push Notifications Are Valuable?

  • The article referenced in this episode is, “Promoting physical activity through text messages: the impact of attitude and goal priority messages”, and was written by Tom St. Quinton, Ben Morris, Martin J. Barwood and Mark Conner.
  • The study focused on two content areas: attitude and goal prioritization towards physical activity.
  • The purpose of this study was to see if either area increased physical activity in participants.
  • The research found that attitude focused push notifications increased physical activity.
  • The research also found that goal priority push notifications had no impact on physical activity.
  • This study proves that changing your attitude towards a goal can have a positive impact.

How Can You Use Push Notifications To Better Your Life?

  • Use the notifications from your apps as a way to get you excited.
  • Pair this notification with a positive message about that activity.
  • Over time your attitude will change.
  • Find a partner or my new app to hold you accountable.

5 Powerful Quotes from This Episode

“It’s likely not the holy grail of behavior change that so many of these apps seem to think that they are”.

“It means that attitude actually does play a huge role in whether or not we take certain behaviors”.

“If we want to take more specific actions consistently, having a better attitude towards it is incredibly valuable”.

“If attitude can be changed, then behavior can be changed”.

“By getting them in your corner, by getting them in your world, and allowing them to peek into what it is you need to do, and then committing to them to doing something on that, you get massive value”.

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