745 – Does Tracking Your Goals Help?

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Does tracking your goals help you achieve them? Can this activity actually help you?

In this episode we discuss why there is value in tracking your goals along with the research that proves this to be true. We also provide advice to help get you started on tracking your own goals. 

If you want to learn the value in tracking your goals, then this episode is for you!

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Learn the research that proves there is value in tracking your progress.
  2. Discover why it’s important to track your goals.
  3. Understand how you can start tracking your goals.


Episode Highlights

What Research Shows There Is Value In Tracking Goals?

  • The study referenced in this episode is called, “Does Monitoring Goal Progress Promote Goal Attainment? A Meta-Analysis of the Experimental Evidence”, and was written by Benjamin Harkin, Thomas L. Webb, Betty Chang, Andrew Prestwich, Mark Conner, Ian Kellar, Yael Benn, and Paschal Sheeran in 2016.
  • The purpose of the study was to quantify how much monitoring our progress and actions in relation to a specific goal drives behavior change. 
  • The results indicated that it’s possible to change, improve and increase the frequency of progress monitoring.
    • We have the choice to take control of this part of our progress. 

Why Is It Important To Track Your Goals?

  • Tracking our goals means we have control.
  • Increasing progress monitoring produces meaningful improvement towards a goal.
  • By taking more action, you have a higher chance of achieving the goal. 

How Can You Start Tracking Your Own Goals?

  • Stop wasting time and get started.
  • Pick an area of your life you want to focus on.
  • Create a goal around the area
    • SMART of LEAP 
  • Define what your Key Performance Indicator (KPI) looks like.
  • Choose a way to track it.
    • Pen and paper, apps, spreadsheet.
  • Spend three days doing that.

5 Powerful Quotes from This Episode

“One of the first things that people reach for when practicing personal development”.

“It’s possible to change, to improve, and to increase the frequency of progress monitoring”.

“We can take control of this part of our process”.

“If we can find that place for ourselves, then we now have the power to significantly impact whether or not we achieve a goal. That is amazing”.

“Not about moving as fast as possible, but it’s about moving”. 

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