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730 – Eating After a Workout

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In this episode, we look at the reasons why we eat poorly after a workout. Get excited, because this is Tiny Leaps, Big Changes.

Welcome to another episode of Tiny Leaps, Big Changes where I share research-backed strategies to help you get more out of your life. My name is Gregg Clunis and the post-workout meal is an important part of the fitness journey. It’s when we refuel, restore and recover from a hard workout. But all too often, we end up eating something that doesn’t really provide us with what our body needs to fully recover.

There are a number of reasons why this might happen but one thing is definite, it’s doing more damage than good for your progress.

But, like everything else, if we want to make changes we need to first understand what is causing the issue. That’s what we’re going to be exploring in this episode.

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