729 – How To Define Success (Weekly Roundtable)

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In this episode, we look at how to define success. Get excited, because this is Tiny Leaps, Big Changes.

Welcome to another episode of Tiny Leaps, Big Changes where I share practical, data-driven advice and frameworks to get more out of your life.

My name is Gregg Clunis and we live in a society where success is defined by your next promotion, by your latest personal development win, or by what you’re buying with your money.

The truth is that this doesn’t have to be what we define as success for us.

Success can be something different for each different person and, surprisingly, it can even be different at each stage of your life. It’s important to understand this before we pursue success.

In this episode, I want to explore the meaning of success and how it may change as our lives change.

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Hosted by
Gregg Clunis
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