727 – 6 Tips to Get More Organized

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In this episode, we look at 6 tips to get more organized. Get excited, because this is Tiny Leaps, Big Changes.

Welcome to another episode of Tiny Leaps, Big Changes where I share practical, data-driven advice and frameworks to get more out of your life.

My name is Gregg Clunis and you know the feeling. You’re sitting at your desk, and it looks like a tornado just blew through.

Your inbox is overflowing with unanswered emails, you have no idea where to find that report you need for tomorrow morning’s meeting, and there are sticky notes everywhere that say things like “call Beth about lunch!” or “pick up milk on the way home!”

It doesn’t take long before everything starts piling up—you lose track of what needs doing first, tasks start getting put off until they’re forgotten altogether (or get done in a last-minute panic), and before long you’re paralyzed by stress and anxiety because there’s not enough time in the day to do all the work you have to do.

Sound familiar?

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Hosted by
Gregg Clunis
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